Daniel Camps

Director of the Mobile and Wireless Internet Group (MWI) at the i2CAT Foundation.

Daniel Camps Mur (male) is currently leading the Mobile and Wireless Internet Group (MWI) at i2CAT. The group has two main researches activities. First, the design and demonstration of architectures and algorithms to improve the performance of 5G/6G mobile communication networks, focusing on the integration of NTN or AI/ML capabilities. Second, the design of vehicular services for connected and automated mobility building on V2X communications, including the development of ETSI G5 stacks and vehicular digital twins. Daniel has been very active in the European R&D space, acting as technical coordinator of the 5G-XHaul and 5G-CLARITY projects, which were part of the 5GPPP framework. Before working at I2CAT, Daniel was a researcher at NEC Networks Laboratories in Heidelberg, Germany, working on performance evaluation and standardization of IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.16 networks.